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Jack Hanks Arizona on Why Buying Flood Insurance Is so Important

Jack Hanks Arizona discusses why every homeowner should buy flood insurance.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ / , 2020 / The importance of flood insurance has long been debated amongst insurance providers and homeowners. However, insurance adjuster Jack Hanks Arizona is putting an end to the debate. Jack Hanks Arizona describes that flood insurance is an essential part of insuring your home.

“Everyone thinks ‘it won’t happen to me’ until it does,” Jack Hanks Arizona says. “No home is completely safe from flooding, even here in some of the incredibly dry parts of Arizona.”

Jack Hanks Arizona adds that a single inch of water inside a home can cause more than $25,000 of damage. This amount could financially devastate any family, and Jack Hanks Arizona states that’s why it’s better to be safe than sorry. For four consecutive years, hurricanes have caused more flooding than average, and that’s not just in coastal areas. As the outer bands of hurricanes head thousands of miles inland, areas that wouldn’t normally even see the effects of a hurricane are experiencing major flooding.

Jack Hanks Arizona references a recent article published by FEMA stating that flooding can happen anywhere, including moderate-to-low risk areas. Nearly a third of the claims due to recent Missouri flooding have been from homeowners and renters in areas that are not considered high-risk.

Jack Hanks Arizona adds that it’s essential to review your homeowner’s policy, because flooding is not typically covered in such policies. He adds that the cost of the policy depends on the flood risk of the home, so if you’re living in a low-risk area, your policy can be remarkably affordable. Jack Hanks Arizona explains that even if your climate is not conducive to flooding, flooding can be caused by neighborhood construction, poor drainage, broken pipes, melting snow, and a variety of other issues.

“Flood insurance isn’t a required insurance policy, which makes many people think it’s not worth the additional cost,” Jack Hanks Arizona says. “Unfortunately, these people can find themselves paying tens of thousands of dollars to repair issues due to flooding, when a simple and affordable flood insurance policy would have covered it.”

Jack Hanks Arizona adds that renters should be purchasing flood insurance also. The landlord may have flood insurance on the home, but that coverage likely doesn’t account for the items inside. Hanks offers a number of affordable flood insurance options for renters to help protect their possessions in the event of a flood.

“As insurance agents, we can’t express the importance of flood insurance enough,” Jack Hanks Arizona says. “We’ve just seen too many hardworking people spend their savings on damages that could have been covered with an affordable policy.”

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